Madonna Ley

  • HomeGermany
  • Age30
  • Hair ColorBlack
  • Eye ColorBlack
  • SexualityBisexual

Dear Sirs,

I will refrain from the usual promises. Likewise, I will also not emphasize my own self. I do not want to drown you in the psychic abyss, as well as emptying your purse, although I have no idea of ​​the game with all the senses in reality. For me, there are no sessions that repeat endlessly like a tape recorder. I believe it has to be desire, it must be horny. Your dreams, longings and visions have to be seen and recognized. This game with the great feelings, guided by desire, passion and longings – to live it out means to be alive. To continually expose oneself to the metamorphosis and to grow and learn to surrender to the heights and depths of one’s own sexuality, which, when lived honestly, touches all the senses in the truest sense of the word. Exactly this honesty you can live and experience with me. My knowledge and empathy is genuine and characterized by passionate devotion. No more and no less. However, one thing is guaranteed: a special encounter that will draw a special smile on your face. Like in the faces of freshly played people. They are soft and clear, lucky and happy. Trust begins with a smile, lives with honesty, and dies with lies and false promises. Give yourself a chance to fulfill your dreams. Who am I? For your information: I would like to realize my imagination gladly with every gentleman and connoisseur, who already knows exactly who he is or what he wants. Or are you still experimenting? You should know what turns you on or what fantasies you can bring you greatest excitement. You should know your limits, know how far you want to go, or whether you want to exceed your limits (we will find out). You should also clearly express what exactly you want. Always stick to our agreement, so that we can experience an unforgettable session together. I love to coat my slim body in skintight latex (a cool feeling). Even pain lovers with pointed heels in various places are welcome. I just have to look at you and my eyes will tell you where the path leads us to. Your pain can become hellish, but you will feel just as secure and well cared for afterwards. Do not challenge me, always stick to our agreements and my rules of conduct. Never come too close to me in a way we have not spoken of before. For the punishment is done at once. All this please do not confuse with sex. You can have special, erotic fetish experiences or fantasies with me. But NO SEX and anything else you can have in any soft studio. For French service and usual sex my maids are available. It is ultimately a fantasy and a game, which we implement together and as such it should always be considered.

Only with appointment agreement!


Pulling on the hair, breath reduction, bondage, lacquer, (verbal) humiliation, (gas) masks, anything remotely medical, abuse scenarios, sense removal (any sense, one all, your choice), spanking (soft to very hard), punishment with cane, whip, paddle, flogger or whip, roll games (housekeeper/maid, teacher/schoolgirl, etc.), slave girl O and slave girl no-name, hospital eroticism, braces and weights, queening, dildo and vibrator games, vaginal and anal stretching, gynecological examinations, bondage, candle wax, stimulus current, needles, verbal humiliation, face slapping, buggery active (after shower), feet licking, slave training, lashing of breasts, nipple treatment, bondage, verbal abuse, stretching with dildos, electro-treatment, entrainment/barriers, bindings, FE, fixation, gum and rubber sex, isolation torture, clinical eroticism, gagging, cage isolation, classical English education, long-term education, lust fetish, masturbation, whip punishment, cane punishment, pure punishment, pure punishment, RS, spanking (whip, paddle, clapping, cane), strict verbal humiliation, couple education, demonstrations, vibrator games, fastenings, waxing, peeing, forensic nutrition, testicular massage of all kinds, testes torture, rape games, lacerations, forced emasculation, KV, braces, fisting, pain, education with couples or dominant women/gentlemen possible. Strap-On. Also education games with slave number possible, Buttcrush, Assworship, Ageplay, Maso-Fetish, diaper fetish, breath control, gagging, gas masks, corsets, breast straps, strangulation, living furniture, jeans Facesitting, dice games, question answers games, homework, chastise, foot job, tickling, dog play, pet play, pig play, pony play, key holder, slave contract, trampling

If you have any questions, just email me or call me.

You can visit me every day from 10:00 am to 1:00 am at night.

Madonna Girls.
Ober-Eschbacher-Straße 48
Parking in the courtyard
D 61352 Bad Homburg

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