Madame X

*** MADAME X *** Approachable Dominatrix
…only at Madonna Girls * Bad Homburg v.d.H.

An attractive dominatrix who will evoke fascination in every submissive man, “Carrot and Whip” is the consistent discipline that MADAME X provides with care for her subjects.

Get to know the warmth of a fascinating dominatrix, but if you misbehave and are not yet ready to submit yourself as her slave, you will feel her dominant and resolute side.

Place yourself in the care of MADAME X. Experience long-term training, cage confinement, bondage… and when necessary, you will be brought out for use and humiliation… Let MADAME X retrain you as a housemaid or a slut… Discover the passion for pain and obedience… The desire to experiment is limitless. MADAME X is open to any fantasy. Sensual play in the form of role-playing, such as boss, secretary, Mrs. Doctor, etc., alternating between bizarre pleasure, mutual desire, and complete “surrender.” You can experience both sensitive guidance and consistent firmness and dominance with her.

MADAME X about herself:
I am a pleasure-seeking woman who is aware of her impact on men and shamelessly exploits it. As a sensually dominant full-blooded fetishist and role-playing expert, I will make you the object of my desire, my toy. From strict caning discipline to sensual foot and buttock adoration, and pure fetishistic delights, especially in the latex domain. There are so many facets to me. Which ones you will experience are entirely up to you… Not a walking cliché, but sensual dominance and fetishism – even without a significant power imbalance. Lovers of pain will be taken to task and whipped by me according to my pleasure and whims. Cock and ball torture involving strikes, kicks, or electricity is another specialty of mine.
The interaction between Mistress and slave can be very friendly as long as the slave is aware of who holds the reins here. For the obedient slave, I can certainly be approachable, with the timing and boundaries set by me!

Here’s just a selection of the things I offer:
Anal (AV) active, Watersports (NS) active, Deep French Kissing (ZK), Erotic Massage (EL), Dominant/Submissive Play (DS), Roleplay (RS), French Oral (Franz.). Oral (OV), Vaginal (GV), Body Kisses (KB), Group Sex (GB), Foot Erotic (FE), Scat (KV) active, Face Sitting (FS), Anal Play (ZA), Massage.
Hole massage of all kinds, cervical fondling, bath service, bondage, varnish, (verbal) humiliation, spanking (from light to very hard), abstrictions with cane, whip, paddle, flogger, pussy, RS role plays (householder/maid, teacher/schoolgirl, daddy/little girl etc.), clamps and weights, dildo and vibrating games, vaginal and anal stretching, gynecological examination, candle wax, stimulation current, verbal humiliation, orgasms. games, vaginal and anal stretching, gynecological examination, bondage, candle wax, stimulation current, verbal humiliation, figging, hair pulling, gynecological examination, FE foot eroticism, training for pleasure, nipple treatment, bastinado, bondage in any form, cumshots, stretching with dildos, elbow treatment, insertion and removal, fetishization, fetishization. Restraints, fetishes, fixations, weights, rubber and rubbers, clinical erotic gagging, Cage isolation, classic English ore, clamps, long-term ore, pleasure fetters, masturbation. Translated with (free version)

Pissing, caning, pure abstriction, RS role-playing, strict VE, couple education, demonstrations, vibrating games, seduction games, strapping, whore treatments, force feeding, forced deprivation, brushing, f-sitting, queening, VE

You can visit me at…
Madonna Girls
Ober-Eschbacher-Strasse 48
(directly via Kawasaki motorcycle dealer)
Parking spaces in the courtyard are available.
D 61352 Bad Homburg
Tel.: 06172-2790884
Escort service is also possible.
Escort ONLY under: 0171-3244276
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